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Secure USB Hub

Emcon Secure 4 Port USB Hub

Emcon offers users a secure hardware based solution to control access to USB ports. The Emcon Secure USB Hub is a 4 port USB hub for easy-to-use administrative control over devices requiring USB port connectivity. It allows only authorized USB devices to connect to workstations.

The Emcon Secure USB Hub is ideal solution for organizations where information security is a must. This easy-to-use hardware, sets-up in minutes on an individuals workstation and allows the use of only authorized USB devices as designated by your organization’s administrator.

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  • 4 port USB hub
  • Secure hardware based solution
  • Inexpensive and highly effective way to protect against USB-born security threats
  • Maintain a strong security posture by controlling access to USB in sensitive environments
  • Quick set-up has you up and running in minutes. No infrastructure changes are necessary
  • Manages USB access either locally or remotely


Secure USB Hub

Front: USB ports (Type A)
Four “Device Enabled” indicators
Power LED
Administrator mode LED
Rear: Two USB ports (Type A)
Administrator Key port (USB)
USB Registration button
Administrator port (RJ45)
USB cable to host (Type A)
DC Power input
Accessories: Host USB port locks and blocking plates
Environment: 110 or 220 VAC, external power cub
CSA/UL/CE approved
Dimensions: Height: 3.8 cm (1.5 in.)
Width: 14 cm (5.5 in.)
Depth: 9.4 cm (3.7 in.)
Weight: 0.79 kg (1.75 lbs.)
Warranty: Three-year, parts and labour, return to depot